Installing applications as Super Hero on Windows

If you ever tried to transfer all your favorite applications from one PC to another, you may know how big such a task might be. You need to recall all tools which you install, which you don’t need any more, or which you need, but rarely use. I personally have this headache each time I’ve got a new laptop. Recently I found a way to avoid it and the name of the recipe is chocolatey.

This tool is based on a commonly accessed NuGet repository where vendors publish their applications as a NuGet package. This tool brings to your machine very easy CLI to install and manage applications. If there is a package, you don’t need to search the internet for each distribution. You can install several applications sequentially without interaction with each of them. Now I can keep the list of commands to install my favorite application and just launch PowerShell and run the list. While it is being installed I can drink a cup of coffee.

In order to start you need to install the tool and restart PowerShell.

When it’s done, you can copy the whole list of installation instructions, paste into PowerShell and press Enter. It will install all of them one by one. The option -y tells to the tool to run in quiet mode selecting default choices if it's required. Below is the list of commands to install some tools which you may need. But you can compose your own list of tools relevant to you. For example, if you're NodeJs developer, you may not need Visual Studio 2019.

Initial setup

Development tools


Network and services tools

Other tools

If you need to find a tool you can use several commands which CLI offers.

The downside of using Chocolatey package manager is that not all vendors keep their tools updated to the latest version and not all tools are presented there. For example, if you need Anaconda 3 you won’t find it there. here the list of links which may be useful.

Other programs which you might be interested in:

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