Podcasts for software engineers

There are multiple ways of keeping yourself up to the latest news in the IT world. You can use MOOCs or read articles. About two years ago I opened the “not-so-new” world of podcasts for software engineers. There are multiple kinds of them: from short to long, from boring to too entertaining. With time I filtered some of them and kept only those which really made a great impact on my mindset and motivation. Some of them helped me to look at usual problems from different perspectives. Some of them just opened a door to knowledge which is impossible to obtain in other ways. Here is my list of podcasts.

I like this podcast a lot and may be it is my best podcast. I listened to almost all episodes from the moment I subscribed and a lot from the past. People from around the world are writing to hosts of the podcasts and asking to help with their problems. And their problems are quite common: conflicts at work, disrespect, cultural issues and so one. This is a great podcast to develop empathy. Basically, this podcast brings you a lot of examples to grow your soft skills. You can see that problems which you might be dealing with are very common for people from any location, from any industry. Almost every talk has a transcript which you can read while listening. Moreover you can write a question to them, they will ask experts and you might get an answer.

Another great podcast with a similar approach as HBR one. Hosts are very entertaining and look at people’s problems sometimes from very funny perspectives. They give a lot of useful advice and all their examples are related to the IT industry. The good part is that hosts are with an IT background and they really understand what other people are asking and what might be behind their questions. Again a very useful podcast to develop empathy and soft skills. You can write your questions to hosts here as well, but before that you need to become a patron.

This podcast in contrast to the previous two is more about hard skills. The host invites people who tell about old and new technologies being their developers, founders or inventors. The list of topics is very broad and I would say that you can find there interesting talks about almost every interesting area of modern software development, from discussions about tools to discussions about concepts.

From Google about GCP. This one with the one below are both important podcasts to me, because they bring the latest news about GCP and related ecosystems.

This podcast is a deep dive into GKE platform and Kubernetes. There are talks about scheduling, monitoring, scaling, tools and about many others related to this ecosystem.

This is more than just a podcast. The whole website is full of interesting articles about front-end and back-end developments, decentralized systems, security and more. Sometimes there are articles related to soft skills, like the one about developing knowledge sharing culture or another one about starting up your own podcasts. But mostly this podcast about tools and technologies.

As a developer with .NET background I like to catch up with the latest trends and technologies of Microsoft .NET platform. This podcast and the one below offer a list of interesting talks, though sometimes too long for me. In .Net Rocks! people are discussing open source, F#, new C# features, cross-platform usage of .NET applications and many others.

This podcast for me is on the same level of my interest with the previous one. Interesting topics appear sometimes in this podcast, sometimes in the other. So for me there is no big difference between them. I like both.

This podcast is absolutely not related to technology. It’s about giving yourself fuel for motivation. Someone may say that the author of the podcast is giving food for suffering, because he talks about high achievers, sometimes he sounds too idealistic. I should admit that I skipped some talks just because they sounded to me as non-realistic ideas. But looking retrospectively, this podcast brought me more positive ideas and another perspective on some routine problems. In short, his speech has a big portion of empathy. So you won’t hear that you need to drop your feelings and start thinking differently. Instead, he will ask you to accept who you are and find positive aspects of your personality.

This podcast is a great way for non-native English speakers to keep up with idioms, English grammar and other aspects of English language. Every talk has a transcript. You can read while listening.

I’d really appreciate it if you share in comments those podcasts which made a great impact for you.

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