Thoughts about breaking silos of software engineering teams

What Internet says about the Silo Mentality?

How to live Now knowing That?

Perspective for Non-Executives

  • Adopt a free flow of information in your team. You’ll dismiss that exclusive ownership of information. Any information which is related to common goals should be easy to obtain by demand at any moment. It may include such practice as answering questions even when you’re very busy, and not blocking other people if it’s related just to providing information. When you start practicing that, soon you’ll understand which information needs to be shared in written form, and which not.
  • Adopt the principle “there are no stupid questions”. Any person may ask about anything and get a complete answer and don’t feel uncomfortable during that. This also will increase the trust in the team and collaboration.
  • Adopt discussions and activities of people’s interests. It may be discussions on technical topics just by interests. If it’s related to work, or it’s not related to work — it doesn’t matter. The purpose of such activities is different: to do something together, which is at least a bit more interesting than tasks. It’s not easy sometimes to start doing something with people who you know only as colleagues. But give a chance to this practice and you’ll open new people and new perspectives for collaboration.
  • And last, but not the least. Consider smokers as one more silo and try to push it out as well. People who smoke tend to talk about many things. People who don’t smoke cannot stand the smell of cigarettes and this is not their habit to go “for a smoke”. In organizations where there is a majority of smokers (there are still like this) people who don’t smoke need to do additional work to get information. If this is the case for your team and you address that point, it would also be beneficial.



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Alexander Goida

Alexander Goida

All opinions are my own || Software Developer, learner, perfectionist and entrepreneur-kind person, nonconformist. Always seeks for the order and completeness.